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About Valarie

     Holistic Health Practitioner

valarie johnston      Massage Therapist

     Master Pedicurist 



I work from home in Carlsbad California, in a tranquil little studio on a acre, 5 blocked from the beach.

Beauty Services: Facials, Shellac Manicures, Medi-Pedicures, Hair Removal with  Wax or Sugaring. Fibroblast Plasma Skin Tightening and age spot or skin tag removal.

Massage Services: Circulatory / Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myo-Facia Released, Trigger Point Therapy, Crania-Sacral, Shiatsu, Neruo- Muscular, Structural Integration, Tui Na, Trama Release Chakra Balancing,  Energy Work, Reiki, Spiritual Healing. Lymphatic Drainage.

I have a passion for beauty, healing and helping my guest look and feel better. I am fascinated with anatomy and I have a gift for relaxing muscles. 

I also love educating and helping my guest to heal physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  Facilitating transformation and personal growth through life’s greatest challenges. Providing support  for a happy and healthy life.

As a former Cal-a-Vie and Golden Door Beauty and Massage team member, I provide luxurious and exclusive 5-star customer service.



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